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SpareCare Entrepreneurial Venture

NTUitive IdeasInc Challenge

Semi-Finalist Team

I enrolled for the Minor In Entrepreneurship (MiE) offered by NTU during the May 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown, I met three more enthusiastic and determined students and we founded SpareCare.

SpareCare was a go-to lifestyle platform focused on financial literacy for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) empowering them to make sound financial decisions for their families in rural villages of Indonesia through online services.

  • Organized fun and educational workshops for the FDWs and sold the workshop content at an affordable price

  • Onboarded and partnered with 10+ agencies in a very short period of time through successful business development strategies

  • Broke even financially in the first two months and achieved positive cash flow in the consecutive month


Unfortunately, SpareCare stopped operations due to further coronavirus restrictions imposed by the Singaporean government and troubles in sustainable cash flow.

Future plans for the business were to set up a centralized shopping platform store with cheaper and locally sourced educational and essential items for the FDWs.


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